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It was the Russian literary critic Nikolai Chernyshevsky who asked this question , and he answered it himself immediately: "From those boring and silly Western books and articles, that's where we get it."4. This venerable old-fashioned intellectual exchange between Europe's 'West' and 'East' continues, amazingly, to Iceland Phone Number List this day. Today's "conservatives" in Russia tend to get excited about the "tyranny of minorities" in Europe, the "dictatorship of the Western creed" or, more recently, the new "kingdom" of values ​​in the European Union. However, their omissions are often only pale imitations of the works of Western paleoconservatives or nouvelle droite (new right) intellectuals such Iceland Phone Number List  as Paul Gottfried, Alain de Benoist or Guillaume Faye. Angry men in the Kremlin.


There is a marked discrepancy between the strong sentiments emanating from the writings of nineteenth-century Russian intellectuals and those of their contemporary epigones. Most of the former loved Europe and Iceland Phone Number List suffered from its supposed decline. In contrast, the latter seem to be motivated primarily by resentment and hostility towards the 'West', feelings arising from an indigestible combination of arrogance and inferiority complexes. Alexei Khomiakov, intellectual leader of the Slavophiles, and Fyodor Dostoevsky later, were deeply shocked by what they saw across Russia's western Iceland Phone Number List borders. Both realized, with a sigh, that after the revolutionary upheavals of the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, Europe was out of joint, and that their country was called to heal its wounds with the power of the Russian spirit.


"We Russians have two fatherlands: our own Iceland Phone Number List  Russia and Europe, even though we call ourselves Slavophiles, " Dostoevsky said in his Diary of a Writer.of 1876. "Europe, this is something terrible and sacred, Europe!" he wrote there the following year. "Oh gentlemen, do you have any idea how much we love Europe (...) Europe, this 'land of holy miracles'! Do you know how dear these 'miracles' are to us Iceland Phone Number List and how much we adore, with more than brotherly love and affection, those great tribes that populate it, along with all the great and glorious things they have accomplished?